With sword fighting, lesbianism and a magical doorway, Shakesqueer lovers have a lot to look forward to


An image, nothing more, a thin shadow,

A mere player dressing as a man,

So much art thou – a fake, a counterfeit!

The Prince is a passionately written story about the roles we play for others. The script blends verse and prose, weaving through Henry IV Part One and others works. It promises to be an exceptional experience for both Shakespeare scholars and verse virgins. With sword fighting, lesbianism, denial, disappointed parents and a magical doorway. All the world’s a stage…

Penned by and starring Abigail Thorn, creator of the web show, Philosophy Tube, which now has 1M+ subscribers. Long time watchers, will know that Abigail’s videos are theatrical masterpieces and we have been eagerly awaiting the actor’s next move. At the start of 2021, Abigail came out as a transgender woman in her video, Identity: A Trans Coming Out Story. For our March 2022 issue, Abigail spoke to DIVA about her journey, what it’s like being a visible trans lesbian and ever since she gave us a small teaser for her upcoming play, we’ve been eagerly anticipating more news.

Here’s what audiences have to look forward to:

“Trapped in the confines of Henry IV Part One, Jen and Sam know they do not belong here, or in the many Shakespeare plays they have unwillingly flitted between. They are not like the others; they are not mere characters fated to repeat the words and actions written for them. They belong in the real world and they are going to find their way out.”

But on their quest to return to reality, our protagonists realise there’s something unusual about Henry “Hotspur” Percy, the son of the Earl of Northumberland. Could he be more than a character? Perhaps he isn’t a nobleman, perhaps he isn’t a man at all… Jen and Sam must decide whether they are willing to risk lose their way home to help someone who might be just like them.

Abigail has said: “The Prince is a show about being trapped in bad relationships – with parents, friends, lovers and even with yourself. The story follows a handful of characters in a Shakespeare play who start to realise they are all stuck inside a performance. Some are in denial about their sexuality and gender, others are just trying to prepare the next generation for the struggles ahead. My genius dramaturge Donnacadh O’Briain describes it as ‘Elizabethan scifi’ – I tell friends it’s ‘Like The Matrix if it was written in 1600.'”

You can get your tickets to see The Prince here.

Southwark Playhouse 

77-85 Newington Causeway, London SE1 6BD

15 September – 8 October


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