The actor, creator of Philosophy Tube and podcast host shares her coming out story, what it’s like being a visible trans lesbian and her upcoming role in Django


For years Abigail Thorn has been queering the status quo within the realms of YouTube, philosophy and beyond. The actor has an exciting career ahead, starring in the highly anticipated show Django and writing and producing her own play. We can’t wait to see what else lays ahead.

Here’s your teaser of what she had to say:

Abigail on

How she navigated becoming a highly visible trans woman…

“It’s not easy being any kind of woman in the public eye, never mind a trans lesbian.”

What it was like being openly trans on set of Django…

“Everyone, from the crew to the lead actors, treated me like family.”

Trans representation onscreen…

“There are more trans characters now, but they’re often written by cis writers, so sometimes there are opportunities for interesting story beats or character motivations that get missed.”

You can read more of Abigail’s words by grabbing your copy of the new issue via the link below:

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