“The production feels more relevant now than ever”


Emma Frankland is a live performance and theatre artist who critics often describe as revolutionary. For the past decade, her practise has focused on politically charged performances around the issues of gender and identity, drawing on her own experiences as a trans woman. In Hearty, she tackles the current media fascination with trans lives and interrogates the controversial biotechnology of hormone replacement therapy. This is the fifth and final solo show in Frankland’s None Of Us Is Yet A Robot project which encourages audiences to open up a dialogue and make a positive social impact.

Image by Steve Tanner

Adorned in wings made of sharp knives and shooting fireballs into the air, Emma weaves stories of trans ancestry onto the stage. The show poignantly connects the fetishisation, violence and erasure experienced throughout trans history and brings it home to viewers with a spotlight on the international trans experience. Utilising a DIY aesthetic, Emma uses materials such as water, clay, salt and ink which has transformative properties, to create striking visuals which are both intense and celebratory.

Emma has said: “Hearty tells the history of trans people all over the world and I’m so excited that I get to perform the show at Worthing Theatres in my local area of West Sussex. The production feels more relevant now than ever, with everything that is happening in the UK and around the world regarding trans rights, and I’m delighted to be able to share it with my local community and connect with people after the show.”

Hearty is being performed at the Pavilion Theatre on 21 May. Tickets are available here.

Want to join in the conversation? There will be a post-show Q&A discussion with Emma.


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