“Every day we are locked out is a day when we are less able to do our work”


Trans Media Watch is a charity on a mission to improve media coverage when it comes to trans and intersex issues. It’s dedicated to helping people to understand the issues and produce clear, accurate and respectful material. With the rampant increase of transphobia in many media outlets, the work that the organisation does is essential.

Which is why it is concerning that the organisation has had its Twitter account locked. And the reason behind it is unclear. Trans Media Watch shared an image of the tweet (pictured below) that lead to this situation. The post shares a headline from one of the many trans-related articles the organisation lists in its weekly updates of trans-related news.

Reacting to this today, Trans Media Watch Chair, jane fae, said: “This is both serious restraint on free speech, and a very bad look for Twitter, which has claimed lately to be trying to do better by minority communities.”

“It may seem a small thing, to be locked out of a Twitter account. But Trans Media Watch is the leading UK organisation seeking to improve press coverage of trans issues in the press; and every day we are locked out is a day when we are less able to do our work.”

“We could have got the account back up instantly – by accepting that there was something wrong with that tweet. But that would be to admit to wrong-doing that we do not accept we have committed – and would have made it easier for any subsequent targeted campaigns to have us excluded from Twitter for good.”

“We are now waiting for Twitter to get back to us. However, our understanding is that the Twitter appeals process can take days, weeks even, with little resolution.”

“Ironically, we have recently instituted a campaign to challenge new government proposals on Online Safety. Our concern is that these proposals will do nothing to prevent individuals from marginalised communities suffering harm at the hands of the press. At the same time, they will encourage risk-averse behaviour of this kind from social media providers which will have long term negative impact for minorities.”

Tomorrow marks the annual observation of International Transgender Day Of Visibility. It is concerning to see an organisation that protects the community and advocates for better conversations around trans topics being prevented from continuing such important work.

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