“It’s what I’m calling my ‘F you’ song so it could be someone’s anthem if they liked”


Hey DIVAs, are you ready for some amazing news? The lesbian icon and national treasure, Horse, has a new single Leaving with an accompanying music video coming out on 7 March! And you’re all in for a treat. If you are subscribed to your mailing list you’ll get to watch the video in this weekend’s newsletter ahead of the release. Not part of our mailing list? What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

I got the opportunity to chat with the phenomenal musician ahead of the release via Zoom. When I ask about the inspiration behind the song, she reflects that it’s pertinent for most relationships she’s been in. “It’s what I’m calling my ‘F you’ song so it could be someone’s anthem if they liked. It’s like saying, you know what, I’m not going to put up with this anymore, I’m leaving with my head held high and you have been probably the most awful person ever but I’m going, I’m off.”  

As LGBTQI people it can certainly be hard sometimes to live with our heads held high. How does she navigate doing so? “I’m now surrounded by good friends and family. I’m also in counselling which I’m not embarrassed to say, I’ve been doing that for just over a year. Just kind of getting in touch with myself and trying not to judge myself.”

Horse has been praised for how authentic she is and she embraced this once again in the video. “I haven’t made a video for some time where you look very closely at yourself,” she says and goes on to explain how when she first saw the video she gasped. She thought she looked old. She eventually got used to watching herself in the video and embraced her Horse-ness once more. “I don’t have one area of botox. Every wrinkle I earned and I’m just over trying to please other people. I actually look alright.”

She’s being modest DIVAs. I can tell you this, she looks far more than “alright”, she looks powerful, beautiful and will inspire viewers to step into their own power as well. Trust me, you’ll want to see the video as soon as you can so don’t miss out.

See Horse live on Same Sky 30th anniversary full UK tour from 18 March

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