“Trans young people across the country are in schools with teachers who are crying out for the right resources to support them”


Just Like Us, the LGBT+ young person’s charity working with schools and colleges across the UK to implement support systems for queer youth, has released independent research stating that the majority of teachers have trans pupils and want more guidance on how to support them.

Undertaken across 6,394 primary and secondary school teachers, the research found that 55% of teachers in England have had at least one of their pupils come out as transgender. In secondary schools, this is true for 9 out of 10 teachers and in primary schools, 1 out of 4. 78% of these 6,394 teachers expressed a desire for more help and guidance in finding the best ways to support their transgender pupils.

Just Like Us Ambassador, Isaac

Dominic Arnall, Chief Executive of Just Like Us, said: “Trans young people across the country are in schools with teachers who are crying out for the right resources to support them”. Just Like Us provides the resources, which can be found on their website, for teachers to get the help and guidance they need to support trans pupils. Teachers like Jack Stote have used them, stating: “I have seen a willingness to learn and understand amongst colleagues, but I’ve also seen colleagues who might be embarrassed and not know what to do. My main bit of advice is: it’s OK not to know and it’s OK to ask”.

Educational resources are so significant in learning how best to support trans pupils and they make an extraordinary difference in the lives of trans youth. Just Like Us Ambassador Isaac, a 22-year-old trans man who attended an all-girls school and struggled greatly, revealed: “I think the main obstacle to providing that support for trans young people is hesitance, for fear of getting it wrong. But I feel so much better when I know that a teacher is trying, even if they get it wrong sometimes, than if they don’t want to try at all. It sets an example for the young peers of trans pupils as future allies. So this news makes me feel incredibly hopeful for the future”.

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