Calling all fans of Phoebe Bridgers: this one’s for you!


Releasing a new single each month in the run-up to new album, RAVAGE, Berlin-based singer songwriter Mogli has unfurled the latest edition, AFTERMATH. Releasing visuals or ‘episodes’ along with each track, Mogli’s new music narrates a story. Each small piece sews together to create what almost resembles a short film, and the result thus far has been extraordinary.  

With stunning reverb-saturated vocals, AFTERMATH is inundated with beautiful piano sequences. Simplistic and stripped back, it’s both raw and honest. Simple yet effective guitar riffs overlay the main piano sequence, adding layer upon layer of emotion. Responsible for both the casting and development of RAVAGE, Mogli’s achievement here is a feat.

Revealing the inspiration behind this artistic project, Mogli stated: “Aftermath is an inward movement. Through reflecting which parts of me didn’t have enough space in my past life I’m reflecting on my personality in general. Observing ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses is an important step in healing”.

“I broke out of a toxic relationship and moved to Berlin. Consequently, I was completely on my own trying to find out who I was while battling depression. I passionately dove into touring and working which inevitably led to burn-out. Writing this album became my catharsis, I was able to face my fears. Being brave enough to make yourself vulnerable heals you and brings you happiness”.

RAVAGE is out in May 2022. Tackling themes of self-empowerment, vulnerability, feminism, equality and societal problems, it’s set to be an emotional one. Follow Mogli on Instagram or visit her website to keep up with the latest news.

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