Lorraine won Awesome Ally of the Year at the 2021 DIVA Awards


Appearing on The Vanity Project podcast this week, journalist and television presenter Lorraine Kelly has reaffirmed her support for trans rights. Stating “I think that trans women are women and trans men are men”, Lorraine covered everything from gender to UK politics on the new drag podcast series hosted by Vanity Von Glow. The series has featured everyone from LGBTQI trailblazer Peter Tatchell to Dawn Butler MP, covering activism, politics, entertainment and more.

Notably winning Awesome Ally of the Year at the 2021 DIVA Awards, Lorraine has been a long-standing supporter of LGBTQI rights, trans rights in particular. On her recent interview with gender critic Kathleen Stock, she stated: “I think it’s important to have the debate. I strongly disagree with her. I think that trans women are women and trans men are men. And that’s what I think. And then she doesn’t. And then I thought it was very important to be able to see, look, you’re not really cancelled, you’re sitting here on live telly, you’ve been on Women’s Hour, you’re writing books, you’re doing lectures. There’s this misconception that people get cancelled. And that’s it. That you’ll never hear from them again, but you actually hear they actually make more noise sometimes”. Wise words Lorraine, wise words.

Furthermore, Lorraine recently appeared on the cover of Attitude Magazine as her drag alter-ego, Morning Gloria, expressing that drag helped to further her confidence. “I’m not very good at getting my photograph taken. I’m not very good at the whole celebrity malarkey. I’m just not good at it. The red-carpet thing intimidates me beyond you know, I mean, I’ve not gone to things because I’ve just thought I can’t, you know, I can’t cope with it. And when I was dressed up this Morning Gloria, I could have taken on the world, all of a sudden, I found this inner confidence and inner strength. I’m invincible. It was very powerful”, she stated.

Now, more than ever, the trans community needs allies. Lorraine’s support is so powerful, and her public endorsement of trans rights commendable. If you’d like to listen to Lorraine’s story in her own words, you can find her legendary appearance here.

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