“The system by which we measure the impact of inflation is fundamentally flawed”


Throughout their career, food writer and previous DIVA cover star, Jack Monroe has written advice on how to feed a family on a budget. They’ve also campaigned alongside organisations such as Child Poverty Action group and Oxfam.

In December, the cost of living rose at its fastest rate in the last 30 years. Upon hearing the topic discussed on the radio, the writer took to Twitter to write a very insightful and informative thread on the matter.

Jack Monroe listed various items of groceries and compared the prices of what they are now to a year ago. The increase in price ranged from 29% to 344%. The writer then reflected that when they started their blog ten years ago they could feed their family of two on just £10 a week.

Jack continues to write about the cost that this will have for working class people.

Towards the end of the thread, Jack points out how this unjust rise in price is made to only impact those who are already struggling.

They conclude by calling out about the Prime Minister’s claim that he has reduced the cost of living.

We have been living in austerity for over 10 years now. With a global pandemic adding further struggle to our daily lives. Like Jack, I am appalled to see this injustice and the needs of the few being prioritised over the needs of the many.


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