What a wonderful way to start 2022!


At the end of 2017, Jodie Whittaker became the first female Doctor on the iconic British TV Show Doctor Who. It had already been a great year for representation and inclusion with its portrayal of Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) who was the first openly gay companion to the Doctor, who at the time was played by Peter Capaldi. Fast forward to 1 January 2022, and the series has made LGBTQI fans rejoice by kicking off the New Year with some more excellent representation in its episode Eve Of The Daleks.

Fans have been theorising that there may be feelings between Yasmin “Yaz” (Mandip Gill) and the Time Lord. Whilst many assumed that this was just down to the usual queer coding we see on TV, the episode cemented the sapphic bond as canon.

Doctor Who has always excelled at its high stakes plots whilst the characters race against the clock. This episode does so in a masterful way. The Doctor, Yaz and Dan (John Bishop) are stuck in a time loop with the odds stacked against them.

The loop allows Dan and Yaz to get closer upon being stranded for years together. When Dan’s character was introduced to the story, fans feared that he would get in the way of any potential relationship between Yaz and the Doctor. However, in a brilliant twist, in their years together Dan realises that his friend has feelings for the Doctor. This series solidifies Dan as not only an LGBTQI ally, but a voice for the “Thasmin” shippers as he asks Yaz if she “ever told her [the Doctor]” about her feelings. Yaz’s response was a beautiful moment for representation that we rarely get to see. A woman who not only needs to come out to others, but is processing coming out to herself.

Later in the episode he prompts Yaz to confess her feelings and even tells the Doctor how his new best-friend feels. The Doctor seemingly doesn’t understand the clear message but is later found gazing at Yaz in an infatuated way.

This on-screen moment is bittersweet as in autumn Jodie Whittaker will step out of her role as the iconic 13th Doctor regenerates. One things for sure, we can’t wait to see the Doctor and Yaz explore their feelings for each other.

The show is yet to confirm who will be stepping in to fill the role. Back in October in an interview with the Telegraph, Pearl Mackie commented on the potential for more change with future regenerations saying that, “it would be great to have someone non-binary playing that part.”

Whoever takes the on the role, we look forward to seeing how this increasingly inclusive show continues to change with the times allowing more people to see themselves reflected on the screen.

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