Tackling romance and mental health in her lyrics, Kings Elliot is here to bare her soul 


Born and raised in Switzerland and now living in London, Kings Elliot is the hyped new pansexual identifying artist on our radar. She’s dedicated to using her music as a means of exploring the inner parts of herself directly from the heart: the thoughts and the fears, all channeled through nostalgic sounding tracks. 

An avid animal lover, who describes herself as a “sick puppy” and whose rescued rabbits, hamster and bird appear in the drawn form alongside her on the single’s artwork, Kings Elliot aims to create a fantasy world that welcomes outsiders and anyone else in need of a place where they belong.

Kings has spent her life battling borderline personality disorder and anxiety and her brand new track Dancing Alone has a heartfelt message all about navigating relationships through the choppy waters of mental health issues. 

Speaking about the track, Kinds says: “Holding together any kind of relationship when you struggle with your mental health is immensely challenging – for you and the person involved. Dancing Alone is me preparing someone for how hard it’s going to be, and walking them through every step of the dance they will have to learn in order to get through the darkest days.” 

Through her open-hearted music she’s letting millions of listeners know that they aren’t alone and proving that her strength and vulnerability go hand in hand. 

We can’t wait to here more from Kings Elliot this year! Check out the new track Dancing Alone below.

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