Sex toy sales have soared this year and some toys have been more popular than others…


2020 has officially been the year of staying home, but just because you can’t go out, doesn’t mean you can’t get off. 

Whilst most industries have suffered a devastating hit, the sex toy industry is still well and truly alive. 

Back in the early days of lockdown, statistics from Womanizer even showed that UK sales rapidly increased by 13%, whilst globally Canada saw a 135% increase, and 71% in Italy. wanted to find out which sex toys have been the most popular in different cities in the UK. They carried out Google Search Trend research to find out which toys were being Googled in different cities by you saucy lot. 

The results revealed that the nation’s favourite sex toy is a dildo, with every single city having the highest Google search volumes for that toy over any others! 

We’ve always had our suspicions, but the results also confirmed that Manchester is the kinkiest city of all! For all sex toys considered, Manchester searched on average 7,488 times a year, per 100,000 population for sexy toys. With a population of 554,400 that means its total search for sex toys is a whopping 41,513! 

Sadly, Cardiff need to up their game when it comes to sex toy sales. In the least sexy city the total sex toy search comes in at just 6,016. 

Regardless of figures, it’s great to see so many people coming together (pardon the pun) and supporting the sex toy industry in such a huge way during a not-so-sexy time. 

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