DIVA Publisher, Linda Riley, will chair the first Queer Debate tonight at 7pm


Join Big Tent Ideas for the first of a series of events focused on the most pressing queer issues of the day, bringing together a wide range of voices from LGBTQI communities and organisations to explore personal experiences. You won’t want to miss the first Queer Debate at 7pm this evening, with DIVA’s very own Linda Riley chairing the panel!

This series comes after the COVID-19 pandemic that has had a significant impact on many in the LGBTQI community. 

The first discussions will focus on three issues; the need to ensure there is adequate mental health support for the BAME LGBTQI community; widening the discussion on transgender and non-binary rights; and the experience of LGBTQI figures in public life.  

Tonight at 7pm, Ruth Hunt, Michelle Tea, Pav Akhtar, Bobbi Pickard will be joined by DIVA’s very own publisher, Linda Riley for The Queer Debate with Big Tent Ideas. 

Click here to register for this exciting event this evening and to join in on the Queer Debate.

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