The TV star thanked the queer community for their “outpouring of love and support” since her coming out 


You might know Chyler Leigh best for her roles playing Lexie in Grey’s Anatomy or currently as Alex in the CW series, Supergirl. 

The actor recently came out in a heart-warming blog post that described how her storyline in Supergirl, where Alex realises she is a lesbian in the show’s second season, helped her to come to terms with her own sexuality. 

On Monday, Leigh showed her thanks for all of her fans’ support since she opened up in an Instagram post. 

Leigh wrote: “Hi friends. Today I’ve received an outpouring of love and support for acknowledging and loving myself as the person I truly am.”

“Once we face our own true selves, we can better see the world around as, as well as how we can make a positive and lasting change for the sake of equality and love.”

“I’m grateful to see more clearly, breathe a little easier, and I’m proud to contribute to all that I believe in with an honest, open heart. Sending love to you all.”

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Whilst Leigh hasn’t labelled her sexuality, her blog post explained how the Supergirl storyline personally resonated with her, leading her to realise that she herself was a member of the LGBTQI community. 

The heartfelt blog post read: “When I was told that my character was to come out in season two, a flurry of thoughts and emotions flew through and around me because of the responsibility I felt to authentically represent Alex’s journey.”

“What I didn’t realise was how the scene where she finally confessed her truth would leap off the pages of the script and genuinely become a variation of my own, IRL.”

We’re happy to welcome you with open arms into our wonderful community, Chyler. ❤️

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