A bold EP confronting internalised homophobia, emotional availability and nihilism 


Electronic pop artist Grace Savage shares her new EP Instinct. Each song is an exploration on the title theme, examining maternal instinct, championing strength in vulnerability, confronting her sexuality and searching for deeper meaning in a noisy and often overwhelming world. 

Her most ambitious and deeply personal project to date, Instinct shows Grace collaborating with three producers across the four track EP, experimenting with a more left-field sound. 

Still underpinned by Grace’s signature ethereal vocals and synth led production, there are flashes of trip hop, dub and industrial synth pop with two tracks featuring up and coming MC’s Lady Sanity and Shay D. 

Grace’s divergence from the more typical sounding “electronic pop” genre is paying off already as her latest single Falls The Heart was crowned BBC Introducing’s upload of the week and made it to Spotify Editorial Playlist Fresh Finds Pop.

Grace said: “I wanted this project to be honest and raw. I wanted to talk about my struggle with my sexuality, the lack of emotional availability in my own family, the pressure I feel as a woman to be maternal and desire a family and my own nihilism manifesting as a frequent dissatisfaction with the monotony and pointlessness of life. Every song is a difficult subject and the themes are dark and so I wanted the production to match. I wanted to try something different and I think it’s paid off.” 

Grace entered the scene as a fiercely independent artist in 2017 with debut EP Savage Grace, before single ‘Running Under Water’ was named BBC Radio 1 Introducing Track of the Week the following year. Continuing her ascent through the ranks, last year she received the highly competitive PRS Momentum Fund. Grace has also made her mark on the live circuit, performing at Glastonbury, Latitude and Wilderness last summer to help her solidify her ever-growing fanbase. Not stopping there, she landed a coveted Tedx talk on her experiences on being a female beatboxer in the music industry.

Make sure you check out Instinct for some synthy, dreamy pop. 🎵

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