Who wouldn’t want these babes as a BFF?


Lena Waithe in Master Of None

Everyone needs a level headed lesbian best friend like Denise. Quick with the quips and witty remarks but also wise with soulful advice for main guy Dev, Denise is definitely our choice for BFF.

Sandra Oh in Under The Tuscan Sun

Long before she started obsessing over Villanelle, Sandra Oh was playing queer as Patti, the lesbian best friend to Diane Lane’s straight Frances. Equal parts nurturing and neurotic, Patti is the kind of best friend you want in a crisis. 

Alyson Hannigan in Buffy The Vampire Slayer 

When the world is about to be taken over by the First, an evil being so omnipotent you need an army of slayers to help defeat it, you want your best friend to be a powerful lesbian witch who can come to the rescue at the last minute and kick some demon ass. 

\Kimmy Shields in Insatiable

Nonnie is the best friend we all probably were in high school. Smart, funny, geeky and creative, she wears dungarees a lot and is fiercely loyal to main girl Patty, her straight best friend she is kind of in love with. We’ve all been there!

Cate Blanchett in Oceans 8

Lou is a best friend so awesome she doesn’t even have to think twice about agreeing to do one more heist with just out of jail Debbie Ocean, and ok, while it might not have been totally explicit in the film, no-one is going to tell us here at DIVA that Lou is not 100% batting for our team.

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