The accompanying video comes as a DIY lockdown masterpiece


It might seem like the whole world has come to a halt during lockdown, but that hasn’t stopped badass bisexual babe, Donna Missal, from providing us with some glorious queer content. She’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

Donna’s new single Let You Let Me Down is a self-directed  DIY music video filmed in her very own garden at home in California where she’s currently isolating. A woman of so many talents. 

In the sultry new video, Donna unleashes another example of her self-proclaimed “feminist stripper music”. Dancing around in a lacy black number followed by a cheetah print one-piece suit, Donna embodies the angsty lyrics of the song. 

She incorporates various clever DIY visuals throughout the video including mirrors, garden sprinklers, a trampoline, a pool, and as many lights as she could get her hands on! 

On shooting the video, Donna said: “I made this video in my backyard with my sisters and my friend Erica Hernandez who shot my album cover. We ran around using what we had and just played really. I didn’t know how it would turn out, but it ended up being really DIY and cathartic. 

“I felt like a kid, remembering what it was like to make things for fun, with no concern for perfection or procedure and also no idea what we were doing. We ended up with something that feels more personal to me than what we could have made under different (normal) circumstances. So I’m embracing that.”

Let You Let Me Down comes as the second single to be lifted from the highly anticipated album number two from Donna which will be available 10 July. We can’t wait to hear more from our favourite sultry goddess. 

Wanna know more about Donna? Check out our interview with her right here. 

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