DIVA astrologist Michele Knight reveals what’s coming up this month



Fire queen, May could bring you a blaze of glory. However, to manifest the abundance you are due you have to commit. It’s time to use all of your various powers to grab your goal. The New Moon on the 22nd blows your mind with brilliant ideas. Don’t just think them – follow through!


It’s Taurus season and time to get spicy! The Full Moon is boosting your love life with sizzle and possibility. Expect a revelation to open you to deeper loving experiences. Single or taken, a shift is occurring. Mercury in your sign makes you VERY persuasive, especially at luring others into adventure.


Venus and the karmic North Node bring a mysterious and potentially enchanting May. You find yourself bumping into fascinating souls that you feel you’ve known forever. A stunning New Moon in your sign empowers you to let go of the past and claim your future. 


A swashbuckling temptress may be heading your way. Whether you’re flying solo or all loved up, expect steamy shenanigans doused with adventure. Don’t make rash decisions out of boredom though, or you could find yourself regretting it. An intuitive hunch pays off around the 22nd.


May is the purrrfect time to stick your tail in the air and relaunch yourself. All sorts of influencers want you on their team. What do you want to promote? What do you want to attract to you? Trust your manifesting superpowers this month and dream big.


Virgin queen! Did you know the original meaning of virgin was “belonging to no man”?! You’re independent and have your strength back this month. Yes empress, you’re feeling confident and brave. On top of that, you have an extraordinary opportunity to grab career victory during the 22nd’s extra special New Moon. Go for it!


Wild, wicked and downright naughty, May brings a slew of intense pleasures. No one can control your thirst for new experiences, the more unusual the better. Your desire for the unknown leads you down a ton of fascinating paths. Bawdy, bold and banshee-like women appear.


It’s emotional! The Full Moon in your sign gives you all the vibes you need to succeed in May. Your psychic senses ramp up, and your intuition acts like X-Ray spy glasses, seeing into the depths of situations. You have all the feels too, and others fall for your charismatic charms.


Wild woman, May brings a delicious intensity to your relationships. You’re seeking balance, but are also happy to compromise. If you’re dumping a lover or friend, do it gently, Mercury retro messes with communication mojo. A desire to make your home cosy brings on a decluttering frenzy.


Pluto is in your sign going retro this month. As Pluto tap dances backward in their glittery platform boots, expect obsessions and primal emotions from the past to come calling. Remember, you have grown into your power and are not the same goat you were. When Saturn released their grip on you in March, you became a freer, more liberated being. You got this!


Hey empowered queen! Now is the time to create the reality of your dreams. It might not manifest immediately, but you are sowing some mighty fine queer magic beans! What do you wanna conjure? Oh, and Venus goes retro this month delivering an important ex from the past. Will you unwrap her?


With frisky Mars in your sign, you are passion-fuelled. Remember, lots of planets are retro this month, reminding you of the past. But witchy woman, you’re more powerful than you’ve ever been. If an ex tries to take you for a sucker, they’ll get more than they bargained for. Only deep and true will now do.

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