Texan couple’s creative new ceremony concept will see them wed amid coronavirus


Lindsey and I were scheduled to have our dream wedding on 10 April 2020, but the arrival of Covid-19 changed those plans… While many have postponed their ceremonies, instead, we’ve decided to broadcast our nuptials to friends and family at Doc’s Drive-In Theater in Buda, Texas, on 28 April 2020. (You’ve got to get creative sometimes, right?)

How me met

I met Lindsey, now 37, a wealth manager, (I’m in dentistry, now 31) in the summer of 2018. I was a single mom and Lindsey had twins so, I think we both knew finding someone out on the town may be unlikely… Then we met on the dating app HER and, within 12 hours of our initial match, we went on our first date – which also happened to be Lindsey’s birthday!

“One night in the summer of 2018, I’d had some wine,” remembers Lindsey. “I somehow convinced my neighbour to come over and hang out with me so I wouldn’t technically be drinking alone. After a few more glasses, my neighbour gently persuaded me to give in to the world of online dating. Against my better judgment, I created a profile on HER.

“For two days, I would begrudgingly scroll and wince. Online dating or dating in general was not my thing. Nor did I want it to be. But then the night before my birthday, I saw the most enchanting woman I’d ever laid eyes on. She was photographed in front of a green wall – that happened to be my favourite shade of green – sitting cross-legged like the modern bad ass woman she is. She had the kindest, most beautiful brown eyes, plus, she was wearing the sexiest Stetson hat I’d ever seen… I knew I had to bring my A-game with this one.

“And so I swiped right – after calling my neighbour to confirm the correct direction of swiping, and sent Bri a witty message that I hoped would land. And land.. it… did. I was 100% myself and figured I had nothing to lose. We started our text conversation at 6am the morning of my birthday. And by 6pm that evening, I was picking her up for our first date. That night will forever be etched in my mind and heart.”

Wedding bells (and changing plans…)

I knew that night, that Lindsey was my person. It only took me three days to ask her to be my girlfriend, five days to tell her I loved her (in true lesbian fashion), one year to move in together and 13 months to propose to her. Oh, and less than two years to marry her.

We’d originally planned to be wed at Hotel Ella on Good Friday 2020, because, “Nothing says happy Easter like a good ol’ lesbian wedding!” Everything was planned to perfection, but as the Covid-19 pandemic evolved and it became more personal, we decided to make a few small changes…

Photo by Jessica Trout

We dramatically sped up our timeline when one of our family members tested positive for coronavirus. No one is promised tomorrow. Although our relative is doing well, we still wanted to ensure everyone who wanted to witness our ceremony could, from the safety of their vehicles as we live stream the wedding!

The show must go on!

Thankfully, the family member is doing great now and will witness the ceremony from inside their car, alongside the cars of fellow relatives and friends, on 28 April 2020 at Doc’s Drive-In. To make things even cuter, Lindsey’s twin daughters will walk her down the aisle!

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