“It’s taken eight weeks, but I finally feel like I am me again”


Here I am, sitting with our little eight-week-old, finally feeling like things are getting easier. The sun is shining which, of course helps, but also the hormones and emotions have calmed down a lot. My friend messaged me after a play date with our kids to say that my sparkle was back and it well and truly does feel that way. It’s taken eight weeks, but I finally feel like I am me again. Hooray!

On top of the usual newborn days and generally hectic moments in our life, Lynz had a health scare which resulted in a couple of trips to A&E, as well as some tests. Thankfully, she will be ok but it has been stressful and put a lot of pressure on us both. We’ve spent more time than I would like arguing with each other about silly things that really don’t matter, and it’s taken us a couple of weeks to get back on the same page and feel connected again. Life with a new baby is hard and adjusting to changes in the family take their toll on everyone.

In other news, our biggest girl has been awarded the headteacher’s award in assembly making us so proud every day of her achievements. The crazy “mid kid” has been dressing up as a Suffragette and showing us her new dance moves in keeping with the 1920s theme she is learning about at school. Our own little Emmeline Pankhurst! I can’t help but smile when I look at their faces.

Our two-year-old is asserting herself more than we would care for, still, it’s a sign that we have yet another strong willed girl in our family. She likes to strut around with her hands in her pockets loving life. That is, unless she’s playing with her best friend Freddie – a friendship which demands a dedicated referee! She might look like butter wouldn’t melt…

Out of the three older kids, she’s certainly finding the transition with the tiny human the hardest. I think she’s finally realised the baby is staying and she isn’t always that happy about it! When I breastfeed, she tries to hit her or hit me and that’s hard. I had to move her away from us and she cried, then the baby cried, and then of course, that resulted in me crying too. Hopefully in a few more weeks, we’ll all feel a little less sensitive.

The tiny human also had her first immunisations so I’m expecting a rough night tonight. She also had a scan on her hips today as a precaution due to an abnormality picked up in her checks, but thankfully all is well.

In grown up news, Lynz and I even made it out last week without any children for our anniversary dinner. It was good to spend time together, although it was the first time I had left the tiny one so I was anxious, but she was in more than capable hands. The big girls were having a ball at a sleepover at our friends so there was nothing to worry about there. Can you believe it was our 13-year anniversary? Unlucky for some, but not for us.

It’s exciting to think what the next 13 years will bring…


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