Introducing Rosie Mussen, femme extraordinaire.


If you whack “define: lipstick lesbian” into Google you will be informed that a lipstick lesbian is “a lesbian who favours a glamorous, traditionally feminine lifestyle”. I have always felt that I’ve fallen quite comfortably into this category of femme lesbian. 

I roamed the earth for a long time in search of a like-minded lady to share my life and extensive nail varnish collection with. Previously, the women I had been involved with were all generally less lipsticky than myself. My single self believed that the notion that there were other lesbians of the lipstick variety out there could well be no more than a myth.

That was until I met Pearl. A five foot tall, impeccably dressed, blonde bombshell. Predictably, I fell madly in love with this beautiful creature and the last two years have been the most gloriously loved-up years of my life.

Throughout my life I’ve learned a huge amount from both my experiences as a lone lipstick lesbian and more recently, being in a relationship with someone similar to myself in many ways. This column will be an exploration of my experiences.

If you want to know just how many pairs of matching underwear I bought while desperately trying to impress my girlfriend, or you’d like to hear about our competitive and painful personal grooming habits, please stay tuned. If you’re interested in learning about my experiences of more serious issues like femme invisibility, this is also the place to be. Join me here next week for the next instalment of The Lipstick Life.


Rosie Mussen is a Bristol based writer with a fondness for gin and writing about herself in the third person. She lives with her girlfriend and many infrequently watered house plants. Rosie enjoys writing about feminism, sex and lesbian life. She has a degree in English and Creative Writing but her real skills lie in finding the lesbian subtext in everything. When she’s not writing, she can be found chain drinking hot beverages and exploring Bristol.

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