The GBBO and QI host launches new YouTube channel


As we adjust to the challenging times we’re currently living through, “National Trevor” Sandi Toksvig is set to keep us entertained with the launch of her brand new YouTube channel. Aptly named “Vox Tox”, it’s a fiercely funny mix of both culture and observation, delivered in Sandi’s ever unique, ever wonderful style. 

The format is simple but effective: by occasionally delving into the BOOK OF DAYS, Sandi is able to riff about her favourite subject – the hidden histories of women. With her keen eye for the absurd, Sandi delights in making acerbic connections between seemingly random subjects.

For example, on a recent episode, she takes us on a surreal journey from the Duchess Of Brunswick, to the painter Angelica Kauffmann, via a woman who swallowed a padlock. Yup, you read that right.

In keeping with current guidelines advising those in the UK to stay at home, Vox Tox is completely self-produced at home, with Sandi writing and presenting whilst her wife, Debbie, hones her BBC training in camera, lights and sounds multi-skilling. (Bravo!)

“We will hopefully produce one every day. At least it will keep us off the streets!” explained Debbie. Vox Tox will most certainly be keeping us off the streets – thank God for the creativity of queer women right now, huh?

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One thought on “VOX TOX: Fancy spending your evening with Sandi Toksvig?”

  1. heard you this a.m. with Amol; you have cheered many a glum night up for me Sandy with your acerbic wit; am also passionate about finding answers for major problems; I thought that light plastic should be worn for NHS staff as it could be re-useable and they could shower in it after work and dry in a standing blow dryer; would be much more economical and practical ; (not wasting all that effort of manufacture to be thrown away after one use)could be designed like a cross between space suits and armour as then they wouldn’t get wet; tried contacting 3M but no contact for them and suggested it to a few friends but no answer; thought you might be able to send to the right people; am not up for a large remuneration; just doing my bit; as it makes sense to me; (have worked as a corporate video director for NHS a few years ago and in stage lighting and electrics also as an artist for Disney and self-employed; now resting as have COPD Hypertension and type 2 Diabetes and am over 70; but still appreciate everything love and all the best Jane

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