The influencers filling our feeds daily with creativity, queerness and inspiration


When Instagram is flooded with “influencers” trying to sell you beauty products, pictures of your ex that you’d rather not see and the same avocado toast shot time and time again, it can be challenging to find accounts with some originality and creative work on their feed. 

You can take back Instagram as a tool for empowerment, information and creative inspiration simply by following these five great accounts that are bringing some excitement and queer content to the app every day.


Been ghosted and want to send one last sassy message? Not sure how to ask your crush out on a date? Need to tell a sexual partner you’ve contracted an STI? Molly Margaret has got a text template for you. 

She’s a sex positive Instagrammer with the answers to all of your questions, and she’s not afraid to give it to you straight. Think of her as your queer older sister who’s got the perfect advice in any situation. 


Ruby Rare is a sex educator, body positive champion and bisexual babe with the brightest hair we ever did see. 

You’ll find her waving around condom demonstrators, giving no-nonsense sex advice and being a happy naked sex positive lady on Instagram. 


Ellen Jones is an award winning campaigner, speaker and writer who speaks about all things LGBTQI, mental health and autism. 

She’s featured on The Guilty Feminist podcast alongside Deborah Frances-White and was named Stonewall’s Young Campaigner of the Year in 2017 after running successful campaigns that tackled LGBTQI inequality in schools and online. 


Florence Given is on a mission to empower women to be their full selves and is well known for her Instagram feed which features popular slogan designs that address social issues and sexuality.

She was named Cosmopolitan UK’s Influencer of the Year in 2019 and is set to release her first book, Women Don’t Owe You Pretty, in the summer, based on lessons she wishes someone had taught her at a younger age.


Gabriella Grimes (ggggrimes) is a Bronx-based non-binary artist. Their work displays POC, gender non-conforming and non-binary folks in a genuine light, as well as offering the best memes daily on their stories. 

We love their colourful illustration style that displays the LGBTQI community in all its glory and their honest exploration of identity through the work they post online.

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