“There is absolutely nothing else in this world which can compare to the moment that your child is born”


Your child being born is so special and unique to each baby that it leaves a lasting imprint that you’ll hold close forever – and this time, the fourth time for us – was no different.

We finally made it to our planned birth day for our tiniest human. I could hardly believe it was actually going to happen until we arrived at the hospital and were shown to our bed where the little cot our baby would be going into lay. Sticking to tradition, Lynz ensured she was well fed and offered me food several times – but then I really wouldn’t expect anything else. (Plus, nobody needs a “hangry” Lynz).

We had a short wait until it was our turn to go into theatre. After we’d met our anaesthetist and consultant, (who has now delivered three of our babies!) we were both feeling reassured that plans had been made to reduce any complications. We were also very lucky to have our midwife friend available to support us and, looking back, I’m so glad she was there.

After a few problems getting the anaesthetic in, some tears, and me almost breaking Lynz’s hand from squeezing it so hard, our section was underway. At first you really care about the fact you’re lying there naked from above the waist down but that soon goes when you feel them tugging and pulling at you and you know it won’t be long until you meet your baby…

We were asked if we wanted to see the baby being born, which I definitely did with it being our last child, although I knew Lynz wasn’t too keen. We were also asked if we wanted to find out the sex for ourselves, which we did.

It wasn’t long before the screen was lowered and we saw the most amazing sight: our baby’s head was out but their body was still inside. I’ve never seen anything so wonderful and surreal and although Lynz is very squeamish, she managed to capture the whole moment in photos. Soon after that, our baby was lifted out and held up – tiny R-M, another girl, was here! (I’m crying just reliving that moment, it was amazing…)

We were soon laughing about being a six-woman household and excited about telling the bigger girls that they have a little sister. Oh, and her name. We’re so, so happy with our little girl’s name…

After a little while, the paediatricians were called to theatre as our midwife became concerned about R-M. Naturally this was a scary time for us both, but I felt reassured that she was in the safest of hands. The decision was made to take her to the neonatal unit for a review while I was still in surgery. I knew this was going to be awful, especially for Lynz, but I’m just thankful our friend was there to go with them and oversee the whole thing.

That really made a hard situation bearable, although it was very strange being left on my own. I had harvested colostrum in the week before delivery just in case the surgery was prolonged like last time, so they were able to give our baby it in the neonatal unit. If you’ve ever tried to hand express colostrum, you’ll understand just how hard it is!

I was taken to recovery after being stitched up and felt really anxious about how our baby was, as well as being on my own. I have never been in recovery without our babies and by then, I’m normally feeding them… It felt like a lifetime, but in reality it wasn’t long before our superhero midwife came to give me an update. I was so relieved to see her and she came with good news: baby and Lynz were both fine and they’d be back with me as soon as her temperature, breathing and colouring had all stabilised.

Wow. I felt then I could breathe a little easier. When they did finally come down the corridor wheeling our tiny human in her cot back to me, it felt like sunshine coming over me.

We had a few hours of relaxing time soaking up our new addition before our big girls would come to meet her. We planned to let everyone know we were ok but not to disclose any more until the big sisters had met her. After all they deserve to be the first to know before anybody else!

I heard them before I saw them coming along the corridor in the maternity ward. I felt sorry for the other people on the ward who probably wanted a bit of rest when our three excitable tiny humans descended.

They were so cute meeting her, we were all buzzing and it felt so special. I was truly elated that we were both ok, that our baby was finally here and, after everything that we had gone through with the fertility treatment and the pregnancy, we were sharing this moment with our favourite people – a moment I will cherish forever.

Happy birthday R-M, tiny human the fouth!

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