“There’s so much joy in seeing Christmas through your children’s eyes”


Wow! What a magical time of the year! And there’s so much joy in seeing it through your children’s eyes. Although I still regret getting that stupid elf thing that I always forget to move, but I do have the toddler to thank for reminding me when she wakes at stupid o’clock so I can move it before the big girls wake up. (It’s a good job toddler doesn’t speak in full sentences yet, so my secret is safe!)

In fact, this Christmas has been just the distraction I needed from the last few weeks of pregnancy. There were Christmas parties, fairs, pantomimes, Santa visits, Christmas dinners and so much more. This was actually the first year that we managed to get all of the girls smiling (and enjoying) the Santa visit: We are totally winning! We even got a cute picture of all of us with the big man which is so cheesy, I love it. I was also very proud that I managed to get out and collect a little foliage to make my own wreath for the door with – even Lynz was impressed.

Oh, I almost forgot the nativities! I was like Tiny Tears at them (again). Our biggest girl did a little star dance routine and had some lines to say that she kept practicing over and over, then Mid Kid was an angel – the song she sang had been on repeat for about a month in her not-so-quiet voice. Then there was the tiny human who now fits into her shepherd outfit from last year, but I can’t say she was impressed to be wearing it again!

That was only two of the nativities! The third one was when Mid Kid decided she would like to be Mary (along with two other little girls), Big Kid was a camel with a removable hump on the back – that I’d wisely picked up in the January sales last year – and tiny-human-toddler-pants rolled out the shepherd costume once again, kicked off in the aisle, then marched up to the front of the altar and sat there looking very pleased with herself.

The girls also took part in a Santa Run for charity where they proudly received Santa hats and medals. Mid Kid, a bit like her Mammy, thought sod this, I’m not running the whole route and cut off a massive chunk going from last to fourth place while completely oblivious to what she had done. (Or was she? She is a smart cookie that one…)

Both girls also fell over in the mud at the start of the race and were covered head-to-toe! Thankfully, there was no parent’s race as I couldn’t have risked that with this baby almost falling out – and there was no way Lynz was going to break a sweat.

In other news, we gained six new teeth in the R-M house over Christmas with the tiny human gaining four and the big kid, two. Teeth is a whole new thing for us and at the minute, I’m finding it a bit queasy! The wobbling of them round and round is pretty gross…. Lynz and I have probably gained two stone between us as well and are both well and truly sick of food. I say this while demolishing a family-size bar of Dairy Milk and a bag of Mini Eggs, mind you. Until next time… (and new baby preparations!)


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