We’re not crying, you’re crying


For all you big, soft romantics out there – or for anyone thinking about popping the question – we’ve picked out a selection box of the sweetest lesbian proposal videos out there in YouTube land just for you.

Now, grab some tissues and get your queer, little hearts ready for this lot…


To celebrate the historic win in her revenge porn case, Chrissy got down on one knee to propose to girlfriend, Bria, during their press conference! It was both a sweet moment and a momentous occasion for the couple.

Read all about their romance in the February 2018 issue of DIVA 💕


A glamorous beauty guru of course had to have an equally glamorous proposal. Where did it happen? Why in Paris, of course! Gigi’s girlfriend of two years, Nats Getty, planned the special occasion with candles and a big firework display. I mean… how can you not shed a tear?


In one of the more creative proposals, we see a women set up a “mini scavenger hunt” on a beach for her soon-to-be fiancée. Set up in such a way that you, as the viewer, are taken on a journey through the couple’s relationship, not only does she meet her beloved and get a ring, but she gets extra surprises along the way as well. Tissue status: ESSENTIAL.


In this lovely vid, viewers get to witness a sweet little montage of moments from YouTuber couple Sam & Alyssa’s relationship, before leading into a special Christmas surprise for Sam. So adorable. Top Tip: Pour yourself a glass of mulled wine and grab a mince pie for this one.


One thing that might come up a little more in a same-sex partnerships, is that there’s not that whole guy-asks-girl thing when it comes to popping the question, which this couple know only too well… In a middle of a heated game of Pictionary, both were hiding plans to propose to one another – on the same night – at the same time. #SameSexLoveProblems

Whether you’re keen on popping the question or not, you have to admit that watching these proposal videos warms the soul.

What are some of your favourite proposal stories? Let us know!

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