Natash is making the Yuletide super queer with her list for Santa


‘Tis the season my Ho Ho Homos, and I am here today “dyking the halls” with this totally definitive and completely scientific list of what lesbians and bisexual women want for Christmas. 

1. A queer Christmas movie. Specifically something starring Kristen Stewart… kissing Jennifer Lawrence. (Ok, maybe that last part is just me.)

2. Cats. All of the cats. 

3. Androgynous fashion alternatives to the bow tie.

4. More same-sex greeting card options with plenty of space inside for sharing all of the feelings.

5. Ruby Rose and a truck full of mistletoe.

6. Our crushes to come out… to us… with simultaneous love confessions.

7. Special queer-lady-wigs to help us through the difficult process of growing out our undercuts. 

8. Plaid boxers! Oh and shirts and robes and… plaid everything really.

9. Beanies. 

10. But most of all… to go home to accepting and loving families for the holidays.

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