Sex, Explained is the new Netflix docuseries narrated by the one and only Janelle Monáe


We haven’t even reached the end of 2019, and already 2020 is promising us some very exciting and sexy stuff. 

A new docuseries, narrated by singer and all round queer legend, Janelle Monáe is coming to Netflix. “What’s so great about that?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s all about sex. 

Sex, Explained is set to be a pretty wild one, as it takes the viewer on a journey about the ins and outs of sex. 

For those of you who aren’t mega Janelle Monáe fans, the most important thing you need to know is that this actor, singer and model is a true feminist and LGBTQI icon who defines herself as pansexual. 

This is how Netflix have explained the show: “From the biology of attraction, to the history of birth control, explore the ins and outs of sex in this entertaining and enlightening series.”

“Acclaimed singer-actress Janelle Monáe lends her easygoing, empathetic voice to this fresh look at the facts of life.”

Janelle Monáe said on her Instagram: “Being as though I did invent sex, it’s only right that it be explained biiii me.” (We’re loving the pun there, Janelle). 

The Netflix documentary mini-series aims to lift the veil on sex, after the success of the Explained series, and more recently of Mind Explained.

Netflix has found a new playing field by switching up the show’s regular format to include more mischievous and appealing topics. 

For the moment, the information is quite thin about Sex, Explained, which promises to be torrid and funny at the same time.

We know however, that it will broadcast from 2 January 2020 on Netflix. We can also imagine that the programme will be made up of short episodes of around 20 minutes long, just like the Explained series has previously been. 

If anyone is qualified to explain sex to us, it’s Janelle, so we can’t wait to hear what she’s got to say.

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