The fantastique French-Canadian lez/bi web series drops its second series – now complete with English subtitles


Originally launched way, way back in 2014, this web series by the women-folk behind Canadian lez/bi magazine LSTW est fantastique and as of January 2019, both series are available to watch on Vimeo with English subtitles.

The brainchild of director Chloé Robichaud and LSTW founder Florence Gagnon, Féminin/Féminin is, in my ever-so-humble opinion, 💯  dreamy.

“This is a series about love between women,” says Robichaud. “[It’s] life on a daily basis, a 10-minute capsule times eight. I hope that in these women, many will see their own realities, whether homosexual or not.” 

Though set in the largely French-speaking, Canadian city of Montréal, Féminin/Féminin is the lez/bi web series that has spoken to me most in recent years (surpassed only by Desiree Akhavan’s recent Channel 4 series The Bisexual). The characters are believable, relatable and by the end of the first series I was all, “How-do-I-form-a-gay-girl-gang-like-that?”


In the first series, our intersecting lez/bi/questioning fabulous femmes are introduced – with an episode paying closer attention to each.

Episodes focus in on their sexuality (which they’re interviewed about in a speaking-to-camera scene), their relationships and their philosophies surround lesbian culture …and life, more generally.   

In episode one, Léa (Noémie Yelle) tries to escape love; in episode two, the recently divorced Céline faces her new celibate (or not-so-celibate) state.

Episode three sees Steph (Eve Duranceau) learn “a costly lesson about not taking anything for granted”, while episodes four and five focus on characters Noémie (Julianne Côté) and Alex (Alexa-Jeanne Dubé) – both of whom are exploring their sexuality.  

In episodes six and seven, Émilie (Eliane Gagnon) finds herself homeless and – even more heartbreakingly – “catless” after a recent separation from her long-term girlfriend, and the gang come together for a weekend away in the country.

In episode eight – the season’s finale – well, you’ll have to watch it to find out (no spoilers here). Also, just enjoy those opening credits, won’t you?


In the second series, we return to check in on the life of those we already know, plus a couple of new (or further explored) characters – most notably those played by Macha Limonchik and Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse (second from the left in the image above).

So there you have it, you’ve got the 411 on Canada’s hottest lez/bi series (that you didn’t even realise you needed in your life). Though this is a series putting queer women at the fore (and bravo to that) Féminin/Féminin is much more than that – non-heterosexuality just happens to be a the thread that holds this honest, funny series together. Watch it here now.


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