“This election has been dominated by Brexit, but we are clear – the time has come to Get Equality Done”


As the UK wakes up to a Conservative victory following the 2019 UK General Election, the LGBTQI community have already begun to reach out to one another offering words of support and calls for action.

The Manchester-based LGBT Foundation was one of the first LGBTQI organisations to offer an official response to Election result, calling for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to, “include a guarantee to protect and extend the rights of LGBT people, and a commitment to deliver a safe, healthy and equal future for our communities” as he commits to lead the country into 2020 and beyond.

“This election has been dominated by Brexit, but we are clear – the time has come to Get EQUALITY Done,” the LGBT Foundation’s official response continues. “The hard-won rights of LGBT communities must never be taken for granted- there is still much to do and further to go. The road to equality is not over yet. 

“We urge the Prime Minister to continue the work of his previous government by implementing the outstanding recommendations in the Government LGBT Action Plan, getting on with reforming the outdated Gender Recognition Act, and ending the discrimination and inequality that so many LGBT people still face. 

“Earlier this week, LGBT organisations, community leaders and equality campaigners came together to send a clear message to whoever forms the next government that it is time to unite the country and politicians from all parties behind LGBT equality. Now is the time to Get EQUALITY Done.

“Over the next five years the Government’s vision for our society must be one which recognises and champions the needs of LGBT people. This must include those most at risk of discrimination, the most marginalised and the most vulnerable. No LGBT person can be left behind. 

“We urge the Prime Minister to unite his government behind LGBT equality, challenge prejudice, and listen, and respond to, the voices of LGBT communities. Together, we must #GetEQUALITYdone.”

Another organisation who have spoken out this morning is the Young Women’s Trust who have issued a message stating that, “PM Boris Johnson must not trample young women in his rush to get Brexit done.”

“We congratulate the new Government on its election victory. And today we are calling for an immediate, full and transparent equalities impact assessment of leaving the EU, to ensure protection for all workers, enshrine sex equality in UK law and ensure women’s rights are secure under any new trade agreements. 

“If the Government is to deliver on its election promise to unleash the potential of the whole country – including the millions of young women who have been discriminated against by austerity policies that took money out of budgets for welfare and support services – then it’s time to do policy differently.”

“It’s essential that government recognise the potential of young women, their resourcefulness and skills that are so often overlooked, and invest in their equality and productivity to the benefit of everyone.”

No doubt many more organisations working with LGBTQI people, women and non-binary people and other minorities will release their own responses as the week goes on – let’s just hope that the newly elected UK government is listening.

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One thought on “NEWS: LGBTQI community urge Boris Johnson to unite UK government and #GetEqualityDone”

  1. You say the lgbtqi community is saying this but this isn’t true. I am NOT congratulating Boris on his government and my priority is not just gay and trans issues. Food banks, homelessness, the NHS crisis and many other issues, will not be solved by congratulating Boris or tweeting him things he will ignore. We need to organise and fight for example against the racist home office deporting gay asylum seekers to be murdered. You seriously think tweeting Boris achieves jack? And to say the lgbtqi community has already decided xyz or that we all agree on xyz is b.s. – Diva did jack to help parties with policies good for lgbt people. So don’t now say “congrats Boris get equality done” how niave are you ???

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