“The misrepresentation must end. The media bullying, the stereotyping, the deaths must end. And they will”


On Trans Day Of Remembrance 2019, DIVA went along to Trans In The City, a very special event in London with the aim of reminding us why it’s so important to stand alongside the trans community now more than ever. 

At its heart, TITC is “an open collaboration between over 60 companies and organisations to actively share knowledge, guidance and information to help each other raise awareness and acceptance about all facets of the trans spectrum.” On #TDoR19, companies, role models and individuals all came together to celebrate with talks, panels and discussions around trans issues and trans lives. 

A “celebration of trans lives with a seismic statement [of] support”, this year the event took place at the iconic One Canada Square building in the city centre. High above London in a room full of wonderfully diverse, accepting and inclusive individuals, it was easy to forget the reality that exists for the many trans people walking the streets beneath us…

To see so many huge figures and companies supporting the trans community so fiercely and so proudly was an incredible sight. The talks given were felt by everyone as poignant words and messages sent a ripple of emotion and love for the LGBTQI community throughout the room. 

First to speak was Lord Cashman CBE and his powerful words resonated hugely at a time where trans lives are questioned and, dangerously, often seen as “up for debate” in the mainstream media. 

“With Section 28 we decided we would fight against it, and we lost,” he began. “We lost the battle. But we decided that we would win the war of equality.

“That war of equality hasn’t been achieved yet. It’s under attack. I cannot believe as a gay men that there are gay men, lesbians and bisexuals who are willing to sacrifice the rights of transgender women and men. It’s shameful. It’s reprehensible and I will never ever allow it to happen. 

“The misrepresentation must end. The media bullying, the stereotyping, the deaths must end. And they will. We will achieve equality because we stand or we fall together. Only together.” 

Co-founders Brian Ashmead-Siers and Naomi Green then revealed the Trans In The City Charter, an encouragement for corporates to stand up and make a difference, to be proud in supporting their trans employees.

A simple but hugely affective charter, 40 companies have already signed up to change and diversify their workplaces as we move into 2020 and a new decade. As Founder of Trans In The City, Bobbi Pickard said:

Equally, DIVA are honoured to have been part of such a wonderful evening, celebrating the importance and strength of the T in our community – what a wonderful way to honour #TransDayOfRemembrance and to look forward to a new year and new beginnings, #OnlyTogether.

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