The key takeaway from The L Word: Gen Q’s latest trailer? Well, we’re all voting Porter (and Lenore Pieszecki’s still got it)


The L Word: Generation Q really know how to successfully tease the entirety of the international lez/bi community, don’t they?

The latest in a string of tantalising trailers for the upcoming Generation Q reboot, the key takeaway from this one is, number one, Lenore Pieszecki – aka Alice’s “mom” – has still got it. (Let’s get the t-shirts printed now?) And we’re all going to vote for Bette Porter to become the first female mayor of Los Angeles.

(Can she pop over to the UK and sort out Brexit while she’s at it?)

Opening with Alice screaming with delight at the arrival of Shane, the scene soon moves to a cafe in which Bette and Shane tell one another just how much they’ve missed each other (us too, us too).

Shane then turns to Alice and asks, “And how is Lenore?”

To which Alice replies, “I can’t believe you still want to fuck my mom.”


From there we see newbie Sarah, aka “Finley” (Jacqueline Toboni) chatting up five other women in da club, which she explains is because she is, ahem, “very friendly.” There’s an emotional scene between PR executive Dani (Arienne Mandi) and “her person” TV producer, Sophie (Rosanny Mayas).

And then, boom, Alice is on stage interviewing Bette on her TV chat show, named Alice, about running to be the first female mayor of LA. “People out there,” begins Alice, “they want to know who you are…”

Bette responds: “I’m a woman. I’m a mother. I’m gay. And I’m you.

“That part of you that makes mistakes. That part of you that wants to do better.”

I’m not crying, you’re crying. #VotePorter

The 8 December 2019 really can’t come soon enough.

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