Wyonna Earp’s Dominique Provost-Chalkley to star in the Queermas film we’ve all been waiting for


Love Actually, New Years’ Eve, The Holiday. In all of these RomCom Christmas films, love is all around – if you’re straight. It won’t be long until streaming services release their annual share of heteronormative (and oftentimes whitewashed) holiday films.

This year, however, you are in for a deliciously queer treat with Season Of Love, the queer and Christmassy romantic comedy you’ve been waiting for.

The film promises to be a gift that keeps on giving with its diverse female cast, including Wyonna Earp’s Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Jessica Clark (True Blood), Emily Goss (Snapshots), Laur Allen (The Young And The Restless), Janelle Marie and Sandra Mae Frank.

The lighthearted RomCom follows characters Iris, Mardou, Lou, Kenna, Janey, and Sue as they master and struggle with the holiday period in Los Angeles.


The project was initiated by the owners of Tello Films and DASH Productions Christin Baker, Ashley Arnold and Danielle Jablonski, after none of the Christmas films released in 2018 included an LGBTQI couple.

Together, they started a competition, “Pitch To Production”, calling for Christmas-themed stories featuring queer women. Season Of Love emerged victorious and has now been developed into a feature film in a co-production of both companies. 

Dominique Provost-Chalkley and Laur Allen

“While we’ve made considerable strides in moving the needle culturally, there’s still not enough queer women creating content,” said Danielle Jablonski.

“Especially behind the camera, women are something of a rarity, but not for lack of trying.  This is why the project’s producers, director and writer are women, contributing to more diverse storytelling from a queer, female gaze.”

Dominique Provost-Chalkley

On 21 November in Los Angeles and on 26 November in Nashville, you can attend a screening of the film alongside Seasons Of Love’s cast and crew. Otherwise, this Queermas film will be available online for both rent and purchase from December 2019. Also in London…

Details (and absolutely adorable behind the scenes photos) can be found at seasonoflovemovie.com

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