The new Equality Wins election manifesto puts LGBTQI needs at the forefront of the upcoming election


On 12 December, the United Kingdom will head to the polls for another general election, the outcome of which could determine the kind of country we live in for decades to come.

Equality Wins election manifesto is designed to ensure that the rights of the LGBTQI community remain on the agenda for the upcoming election. It consists of 10 key commitments for securing a fair and equal society for all LGBTQI people. 

Included in the manifesto is a commitment to legislate for tougher action on LGBTphobic hate crime including online hate crime, end the poor treatment of LGBT people seeking asylum and refuge, and reforming the Gender Recognition Act. 

Paul Martin OBE, Chief Executive of the LGBT Foundation says: “We are urging every LGBT person and our allies to have their voices heard on 12 December, because if we’re not counted, we don’t count. Our #VoteWithPride campaign will ensure that LGBT people and our allies are registered to vote, and can get to the ballot box.” 

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Today we have launched our #EqualityWins Manifesto for the 2019 General Election. It ensures that the rights of LGBT people remain on the agenda, in what is shaping up to be the most important election in a generation. The manifesto consists of ten key commitments for securing a fair and equal society for all LGBT people – from legislating for tougher action on LGBTphobic hate crime including online hate crime, to reforming the Gender Recognition Act. If implemented, these commitment will have a profound and positive impact upon the lives of LGBT people. Whilst some are well documented in public conversation, we also shine a light on issues facing some of the most marginalised & invisible people within our LGBT family. This manifesto is just one part of our #VoteWithPride campaign, which aims to ensure that the estimated 4-6 million LGBT people, and our allies, are registered to vote and have their voices heard in this election. We need your help. Pledge your support for the Manifesto and join our campaign to ensure that all LGBT people welcome, heard and represented. Sign the pledge here – Together we can ensure that #EqualityWins

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There is still some way to go, but there has been momentous progress for LGBTQI communities over the past few decades: victories on equal marriage, the repeal of Section 28, and the Equality Act among others.

None of this could have been accomplished if we hadn’t spoken up– particularly at the ballot box. Our vote is more than just putting a cross on a piece of paper; it is a fundamental democratic right.

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P.S. make sure you’re registered to vote 12 December here – the deadline for registration is 26 November. 

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