When it comes to fashion inspo and finding your next crush, we’ve got you covered (in smoking hot tailored two-pieces)


Autumn is here and power suits are this season’s fashion essential. Whether you’re into a classic two-piece or want to spice things up, here are seven womxn who show that nothing suits them like a suit.

Anne Lister

Anne Lister, as played by Suranne Jones, simply looks too good to not share in this outfit by costume designer Tom Pye. Our 19th century crush definitely put the “power” in power suit, the almost military spencer jacket forming a delicious contrast with the ankle-length skirt. Admittedly, this outfit may not be very suitable for daily use, but Halloween is right around the corner…

Kristen Stewart

Unsurprisingly, Kristen Stewart does not bother with a common suit. Instead, she wore an edgy, navy two-piece to her Seberg premiere at the 67th San Sebastian Film Festival. The actor rebelliously ignored the fact that, when wearing a three-button suit jacket, the middle button is supposed to be buttoned at all times. Only fastening the top bottom, she showed off the white shirt underneath.

Indya Moore

Again, Indya Moore gifts us with an elegant epitome of gender fluidity. The #toocutetobebinary icon wears a matching skirt and jacket by Thom Browne with a slim, black tie over their bare chest. We can’t even…

Erika Linder

Did you say three-piece suit? Actor (Below her Mouth) and model Erika Linder has got you covered. In the black and white photo taken by Amanda Demme, she wears the woollen suit over a rumpled white shirt with a turned up collar.

Lena Waithe

You’re in for a triple treat! Over the Emmy weekend, Lena Waithe posted THREE mirror selfies in THREE different suits designed by Richfresh. Our favourite look is the beige chequered, double-breasted suit with purple and blue stripes on the collar and side of the leg, paired with white sneakers and chunky silver jewellery.

Hayley Kiyoko 

Naturally, Lesbian Jesus mixes things up with a champagne-coloured sequin body underneath a long suit jacket with matching trousers by Dries van Noten. She presented her epic look at the Glaad awards.

Laverne Cox

Birthday suits count too, right? Enjoy this flashback of Laverne Cox’s nude photoshoot for Allure in 2015.

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