It’s time to update your playlist with these NSFW tracks


Whether you like it poetic, dirty, abstract, or explicit – here are nine artists whose sexy lyrics will get you hot and bothered.

1. King Princess: Pussy Is God

Your pussy is God and I love it
Gonna kiss me real hard, make me want it
I think star signs mean nothing
But I know you feel right so I’m coming

2. Hayley Kiyoko: Feelings

I’m hooked on all these feelings
I know exactly what I’m feelin’
This love asylum, like an island, just me and you
Spent the night, you got me high
Oh, what did you do? 

3. Princess Nokia: Tomboy

He so in love, he think it’s a spell
This love is too magic and he cannot tell
He fuck with my bruja, my pussy and spell
My toto is special, got locks like a jail

4. Janelle Monáe: Make Me Feel

It’s like I’m powerful with a little bit of tender
An emotional, sexual bender
Mess me up, yeah, but no one does it better
There’s nothin’ better

5. Sia: Wild One

I am a wild one, break me in
Saddle me up and lets begin
I am a wild one, tame me now
Running with wolves and I’m on the prowl

6. Tegan and Sara: Closer

All you think of lately is getting underneath me
All I dream of lately is how to get you underneath me

Here comes the heat before we meet a little bit closer
Here comes the spark before the dark, come a little closer

7. Kehlani: Do U Dirty

I could fuck you now and years later on
You gon’ be stuck, just reminiscing
It’s the way I ride you, let you stay inside
Yeah, I’m a fuck you like a vixen 

8. Kelela: The High

Your hands are firm around my waist
They’re moving south my saving grace
Patience was wearing oh so thin
A surge of adrenaline

9. Lady Gaga: Sexxx Dreams

Heard your boyfriend was away this weekend
Wanna meet at my place
Heard that we both got nothing to do
When I lay in bed, I touch myself and think of you

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