Delazy puts the F-U-N in new track, Funani

DIVA cover star Toya Delazy is back – and with a brand new, African-inspired sound that’ll light a fire in your belly…

Rapping Zulu over a gritty garage beat, Funani is the result of a co-production between Delazy and music producer Henry Counsell of Joy Anonymous and marks an exciting diversion in Delazy’s artistic craft.

Funani was shot in Tembisa, a township situated in Gauteng, South Africa

“Funani is a notable divergence from the happy pop music my fans have come to expect from me,” says Toya. “My new hard-hitting African-inspired sound is something we’ve dubbed Afro-Rave.”


Directed by acclaimed local music video director, Kyle Lewis, the video for Funani was shot in Tembisa, a township situated in Gauteng, South Africa.

A flamboyant feast for the eyes visualising Afro-Rave in a stunning multi-coloured set, the video was created with the help of fashion designer, Blünke Janse van Rensburg delivering the track’s message to, “Be what you want.”

Funani is available for download and streaming on all digital platforms now.

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