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Scatterbrain is the latest release from rising, alt-pop singer-songwriter Tally Spear – an upbeat pop tune giving us some serious KT Tunstall vibes. 

It was written after she forgot her luggage on the train – but at least she got a song out of it, and a banger at that.

Tally released debut EP Fade To White to critical acclaim in the spring of 2018, although she wanted to take her music somewhere new. Having attracted nearly 200,000 streams for her track, Days Like These, Tally decided to take some time out and give her creativity room to breathe and, in doing so, ended up undergoing a musical transition. 

Taking time out from performing and social media, the singer-songwriter immersed herself completely in a journey of musical self-discovery. 

“Something just happened with my taste. I went through a change on what I was listening to when I was writing. It just became a new sound,” she told DIVA.

“I had a very clear vision of what I wanted to do in terms of production.” 

Through experimentation and surrounding herself with fellow musicians amongst the dynamic London music scene, her sound has evolved into the alternative pop field, but retains its singer-songwriter flare. 

Not only does she write her own songs, she co-produces her music and directs and edits all of her own videos. 

She’s been gigging all over the place and hopefully we’ll get to catch her soon. Keep up with her over on her Instagram.

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