Event created to protest “lesbian erasure” instead met with overwhelming support for trans members of the community


An event held in Leeds on Saturday 7 September and described as a “lesbian-only Pride march”, was instead met by members of the wider community coming together to support their trans lez/bi sisters (not just “cisters”, as many of their placards read).

The event, which was promoted to “celebrate all lesbians” and protest “lesbian erasure” was organised by a small, transphobic group who made it clear that trans women would not be welcome.

ABOVE: Signs from the event made in support of the local trans community

However, despite their efforts, the march’s organisers were faced with a large group of women (both trans and cisgender) who showed up to take part in the event, using it as an opportunity to send a clear message:

“Leeds is an LGBTQ+ inclusive city and there is no place for hate on our streets!”

As the march made its way through the city centre, hundreds of people lined the streets and chanted in support of trans inclusion in Leeds. In fact, in response to the event, local LGBTQI communities came together at short notice to create a programme of inclusive events across the city.

“I’m really proud of the inclusivity that Leeds has shown today!” said “local cisgender dyke” Rosie Ellingham.

Ellen Hill, added, “As a queer woman it was heart-warming and reassuring today to see LGBT+ communities coming together to support Leeds trans and cis lesbian strength.

“I welled up when I saw all our male allies cheering the lesbian strength march holding banners showing their love for all lesbians – trans and cis.”

ABOVE: Signs displayed in windows across Leeds over the weekend

Elisabeth Jennings, a lesbian from the local area also said:

“Leeds is the City I was born in and the place I am proud to come from.

“It is an inclusive city and those marching today promoting trans exclusion do not speak for me [nor the many] here who promote inclusion, diversity and equality for all.”


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