Stonewall urge the public to “come out” in support of inclusive education as the new school year begins


New research by nfpSynergy and commissioned by Stonewall, showed that 60% of the British public support primary school teachers educating students about LGBTQI families. 

Among those aged 16–24 years old, support was even higher with 68% supporting LGBT-inclusive education. 

As part of the charity’s 30th birthday celebrations, Stonewall is urging people to “come out” for LGBTQI inclusive education as it’s been found that almost half of LGBTQI pupils still face bullying at school. 

Stonewall are asking the public to share why inclusive education matters to them through writing to their local authorities in support of the upcoming changes in government regulations. 

The research comes as students return to school this week – marking one year before the Government’s new regulations on teaching relationships and sex education are enforced. 

Regulations state that from September 2020, secondary schools are required to teach about sexual orientation and gender identity, and primary schools must include LGBTQI families in their teaching. 

The community has always been outspoken about how life-changing teaching about LGBTQI people and families – in the same ways as heterosexual people and families are already taught – would be.

Olly Alexander of Years & Years said: “When I was at school there was hardly any mention of LGBT people or our history. It was like we didn’t exist. I had an inkling I was gay from a young age and felt extremely afraid of what that would mean for me. LGBT-inclusive education would have made a huge difference in my life.

“All schools need LGBT-inclusive education, it can and will save lives.

“Every young person deserves an education that shows them it’s OK to just be themselves and that no matter someone’s sexuality or gender identity they deserve respect.”

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