“Totally shameless and indulgent, I defy anyone not to gasp in shock and awe in equal measure”


Bright circus tents in the middle of the Meadows drew us in early to experience the atmosphere (and enjoy the bar) before the show. 

Getting pleasantly tipsy before this adult-themed show was, however, “kyboshed” when we discovered it was £10.80 for a glass of wine and a pint of lager! [“Sounds reasonable, no?” – said every Londoner, ever].

However, being sober was not a barrier to enjoyment. Exploding with energy and performers full of joy, this was a luxurious wanton bath in naughtiness. Totally shameless and indulgent, I defy anyone not to gasp in shock and awe in equal measure.  

An operatic orgasm that has to be seen to be believed: three unicorns whipped by a dominatrix wearing a carrot strap on, for starters. It is deliciously irreverent and fun.  

With adults-only in the audience, there was no need to play it safe. Songs with associated routines such as Gonna Do Bad Things To You and Let’s Get Kinky add an unexpected frisson as we found ourselves becoming more than a little turned on…

As someone with the grace of Anne Widecombe and the co-ordination of Theresa May, I was also enthralled by the incredible acrobatics and stunts.  Spectacular and flamboyant, there wasn’t a dull moment. 

Thunderous applause and a standing ovation followed this outstanding show. And the joy of being gloriously alive shone from the faces of all the performers as they came outside to chat and pose for selfies with their audience.

Gender fluid, supremely sexy and very tongue in cheek – this highly inclusive show is impish and delightful. 

Roll up, roll up and enjoy! 



For tickets, visit tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/rouge

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