Mandy Muden combines comedy and magic in this family friendly four-star show


I’m outside Teviot Row House – the Fringe venue for Mandy Muden – who combines comedy and magic in her solo show. It is also the oldest purpose built student union, and my favourite haunt 30 years ago when I arrived in the city to study.  

Foregoing my usual gin and tonic I sip on a cider and blackcurrant in a nod to those days of dancing wildly, drinking madly and experiencing the thrill of those first girly kisses and fumbles. 

My reminiscing is interrupted as I am approached by a pale serious woman asking me to pin a pompom clit to a rather large felt vagina. She is impressed at my pin point accuracy and I realise just how far I have come.

Appearing suddenly from a tiny suitcase on the stage, Mandy starts her solo show well. Her personality warms the audience like a steaming bowl of cullen skink. Her observational humour goes down well with me and the other women of a certain age – we laugh ’til the tears run down our legs as we identify with her. However, it doesn’t quite gel with the children and younger members of the audience who are here for the magic.

She is skilled in sleight of hand and illusions – involving the audience and leaving us wonder “how did she do that?”  The children are asked to participate and happily oblige. 

Personally, I think I’d prefer to see her with an adult’s only audience, showing off rather than dampening down her well defined rather risqué personality. But for families who are looking for a show with something for all to enjoy, this 4pm show is definitely worth a punt. 

And take the opportunity to have a good look round this amazing venue – imagining the stories you might hear if those walls could talk!



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