Latest cast announcement features four exciting new characters, adding diversity and visibility to the show


If you thought we had already been blessed enough with The L Word cast announcements, you were wrong! Today brings great news as four new characters, several of whom will be played by queer women, are set to join our faves in the revival which will debut later this year. 

The originals carrying on the story will be Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey and Katherine Moennig. The new cast members announced come as a step forward in diversity and visibility for the characters featured on the show.

Other new cast members, announced last month, include Arienne Mandi, Leo Sheng, Jacqueline Toboni, and Rosanny Zayas.

Trans actor Sophie Giannamore joins the cast as Jordi, described as “a rebellious teen with absent parents”. We’re unsure of whether the character will also be trans or what her background will be, but this step forward in inclusion gets a big yes from us.

Also added to the line up is queer butch comedian Fortune Feimster, who you’ll know from The Mindy Project. She has been cast as Heather, an aspiring comedian who lacks boundaries. One thing we’re certain about, is that her storyline will provide some much-needed comic relief amongst the tragic lesbian drama that is bound to unfold. 

No stranger to the screen, Juno’s bisexual supporting actor, Olivia Thirlby has been given a guest spot as “kind-hearted Rebecca, who often finds herself attracted to the wrong kind of women”. *cough, cough, Shane* 

The fourth and final actor announced is Lex Scott Davis, playing Quiara, a sensual lead singer whose international travels bring her back to L.A. Sounds mysterious, we like it! 

We can’t wait for them to join the cast, and more importantly find out who’s getting with who when the reboot premieres later on this year. It’s been a long ol’ wait!

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