Think Amy Poehler’s Wine Country (but with your best queer gal pals)


Have you seen Amy Poehler’s most recent Netflix-shaped offering, Wine Country? If not, it’s a delight.

In the film, in honor of Rebecca’s (Rachel Dratch) 50th birthday, Abby (Amy Poehler) plans a scenic getaway with their best, longtime gal pals.

Workaholic Catherine (Ana Gasteyer), post-op Val (Paula Pell), homebody Jenny (Emily Spivey), and weary mom Naomi (Maya Rudolph) are equally sold on the chance to relax and reconnect in the beautiful US wine country…

Well, in honour of Wine Country (aka Bridesmaids 2.0) and the DIVA Travel issue, we’ve come up with an itinerary for you to recreate your very own scenic getaway – in gorgeous US spot, Galena, Illinois.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, after all, that women and non-binary folk benefit from time spent letting loose with other women and non-binary folk. We all need to getaway to laugh, relax, and take a break from the everyday grind now and again and this Wine Country inspired weekend away, is a perfect opportunity to do so!

So gather your queer gals, send a message to your book club or reunite with your uni bffs for a “gal pals” getaway in Galena Country…

Galena Cellers, Wine tasting area

Toast those memories

Galena Country is home to four wineries, tours and tastings included! Miss Kitty’s Grape Escape also creates delicious martinis and Bloody Marys, or you can enjoy the cool vibes at Galena Brewing Co. where there’s local brews, great food and live music to enjoy. Sounds perf.

Spa day, anyone?

Featuring calming aromatherapy treatments and tension-melting, hot-stone massages, this is a must-do for the whole group! Some spas even offer mobile services, so you can enjoy the ultimate spa experience surrounded by the nature’s breathtaking views or in your own holiday spot. Dreamy.

Hit the town shopping

With over 100 eclectic boutiques, galleries, and more, why not hit up Galena’s beautifully restored 19th-century Main Street? Classic or outrageous, designer or trendy, you’ll find clothing, jewelry and nick knacks for all tastes.

Oh, and Galena Country is also a great place to go antiquing. In fact, Fodor’s Travel named Galena Country one of the “Top 10 Best Antiquing Towns in the US.” Antique and collectible stores line Galena’s historic district, plus there are many more scattered throughout the county’s countryside in quaint, off-the-beaten-path shops and barns. Which queer woman doesn’t love a second hand store, amiright?

Top tip! Be sure to check out Elizabeth’s Grand Antique Co., it’s home is an old school that has been converted into three stories of straight up treasure hunting. Count us in.

Galena Main Street

Get your nibble on!

Galena Country is also super famous for having some the best restaurants and coffee houses in Illinois. Hit your favorites, then try something new (and don’t be afraid to ask for seconds).

Here’s just a sampling of what you will find: fresh squeezed orange juice at the Golden Hen, artisan-inspired sandwiches at Green Street Tavern & Restaurant in the DeSoto House Hotel, and mouth-watering Italian at Fried Green Tomatoes. YUM.

Get crafty

Galena is known for being a place that inspires artists, but what’s even better is that some of these artists will give you a sneak peek at their craft – and even let you test your own talents!

Set up a time to cook with the “Breakfast Diva”, decorate and glaze your own pottery at Stone House Pottery & Gallery. Create your own jewelry at Rustic River Finds, or try your hand at painting a canvas for your living room at Janet Checker’s Studio, all supplies included. #getcrafty

Where to snooze

Whether you rent out one of Galena’s many holiday homes or get cosy at a B&B, being away from home doesn’t mean you have to give up comforts, and when you stay as a group you can hang out all night long. Just remember to bring your The L Word Complete DVD collection, yeah?

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