Heres how to put your own spin on the queer party season


When summer rolls around and Pride season approaches, you’re probably one of two types of queer people: either you’re ready with your Pride outfit a month in advance, stocked up on glitter, after-party plans locked down, OR maybe you don’t get the noise and crush of people at Pride parades and you’d rather celebrate your queer community in another way.

You could be a Pride pro who wants to take a year off, maybe you’re too young to attend Pride alone or you’re not out yet – whatever your reason, here are five different ways you can make your own alternative Pride.

  1. Picnic in the park
    Half the fun of Pride is the (hopefully) glorious sunshine, which you can make the most of by hosting your own Pride picnic. Ask your friends to each bring a dish or two, pack up a blanket and a Bluetooth speaker, maybe even bring some board games. Dress up! Do it in your own backyard or with a big group of pals, if you want to feel free to go all out with no judgment. You can really make a Pride picnic as big or as small as you’d like!
  2. Mini film festival
    Designate your or a friend’s house as the “cinema” and screen some classic queer films for your best queer friends… Pride, Imagine Me And You, Paris Is Burning, Bend It Like Beckham… make sure you have movie snacks and take breaks outside to enjoy the sun!
  3. A gay weekend away
    If you’re feeling particularly fancy, you could take a group of friends away for a city break and visit the gay district or popular queer clubs in that area. You might know your hometown queer scene like the back of your hand, so use this Pride season as an opportunity to explore some queer hotspots across the country.
  4. Queer karaoke
    Get some Hayley Kiyoko, Lizzo, and Charli XCX on and just have some relaxed celebration at home, or at a bar near you. You can sing and dance with your friends with no crowds or pressure and just enjoy celebrating Pride together.
  5. Pride in London scavenger hunt
    Maybe you do enjoy the atmosphere of the big Pride parades, but you want to put your own twist on it – why not plan a scavenger hunt for you and your friends? You can come up with clues that lead to a prize, or make up a list of things your friends have to spot and take photographs of, and whoever gets the most wins. It might be silly, but Pride is the best time to have fun and be yourself amongst friends and community.

If you love these suggestions and decide to plan your own Pride this year, don’t forget to share your photos with the hashtag #DIVAAltPride or tag us in them so we can see how you’re celebrating Pride season.

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