“Elio and Oliver have been with me ever since they visited my pages and they’ve never left”


Logging into Twitter, my heart genuinely stopped beating for a moment.

André Aciman just released the book cover for Call Me by Your Name’s sequel, Find Me, and I am overwhelmed. (I’m a little bit of a mega fan, btw).

Not only is the cover beautiful it offers some clues about where Aciman is taking the story. The colours of the buildings are Romanesque and we are no longer, “somewhere in Northern Italy.”

The 2017 film adaptation was one of the biggest LGBTQI films of the year, earning itself an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Aciman added: “Elio and Oliver have been with me ever since they visited my pages and they’ve never left.

“I fell in love with their love and have never stopped thinking of them.

“Better yet, I would never have learned so much or been so stirred by young love until I woke up one morning and started writing the word, ‘Later.’”

This is the long-awaited continuation of these character’ stories, coming twelve years after the first novel’s release. 

Aciman revealed the cover to Entertainment Weekly along with some fresh details about Elio, Oliver, and the hero of the first novel/film – Elio’s dad, Samuel. 

“Find Me follows Samuel on a trip from Florence to Rome to visit his son, Elio, who has become a gifted classical pianist.

“A chance encounter on the train with a beautiful young woman upends Sami’s plans and changes his life forever.

“Elio, meanwhile, soon moves to Paris, where he too, has a consequential affair, and Oliver, now a New England college professor with a family, suddenly finds himself contemplating a return trip across the Atlantic…” 

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? (And hopefully this means a film sequel is also in the works…)

Now let’s all say thank you to André Aciman for giving us 178 days to prepare. 

Find Me is available for pre-order and set to be released 29 October 2019

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