“Ladies and gentlemen hold onto your wigs ’cause this bish is back”


We knew that Marika Hackman was writing new songs slash in the studio, but we didn’t know to expect new music so soon. Surprise!

Any artist that drops a new single on a Wednesday afternoon has our respect. None of that end of the week, Friday release nonsense.

Thank you for the midweek perk, Marika. 

The song itself is a pop synth anthem and let us tell you DIVAs: it’s a bop and a half.

Marika has dabbled in and experimented with a fair few genres, so she truly is the Queen of adaptability.

Her debut album, We Slept At Last, felt folky, whereas her newest creation or “infamously difficult second album” I’m Not Your Man feels more alt-rock/indie inspired. Over time, she’s made an (ever so slight) switch from acoustic to electric guitars.

Personal development, am I right?

Gigwise has described I’m Not Where You Are as, “fuzz-laden, melodic, cathartic, heavy-hitting and sensuous”. That might sound like a hell of a lot of adjectives for one sentence, but trust us, DIVAs, it’s a pretty accurate description of the vibe. 

Marika has always been the queen of putting honesty and self-expression at the forefront of her creative process: “I wanna put myself out there. How are people gonna connect with me if I’m hiding?”

I’m Not Your Man, was, for Marika, about making a statement: “I felt more bold and confident to stop hiding things, to stop talking about water, lakes and trees when I just wanna write about the fact that I’ve broken up with my girlfriend.”

Whatever sound she decides to experiment with, Marika truly has the indie community, queer or not, at her feet.

Appearing in the music video for Japanese House’s Lilo, which was actually written about JH’s (Amber Bain) breakup with Marika, there’s been speculation regarding new music from Marika.

And ta-da, here it is. Side note: the two remain the best of pals. No bad blood.

Stop what you’re doing immediately, DIVAs, and stream I’m Not Where You Are right now.

You won’t regret it.

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