LEZevents bring you LEZsoho, a big fat, queertastic party for Lesbian Day Of Visibility

It’s Lesbian Visibility Day this Friday and LEZevents is hosting one big, fat queertastic party aptly named LEZsoho, in one of London’s newest, most mysterious clubs, After All.

Where better for lesbian, bi and trans women and non-binary folk to celebrate this monumental day than in the beloved bosom of Soho? The epicenter of London’s LGBTQI community.

LEZ Launch, Artful Dodger. Photograph Talie Rose Eigeland

Known for their fun-fuelled parties in the capital’s most eclectic venues, LEZevents – the female-focused LGBTQI events company – proudly minced onto the scene last year.

Launching with an epic takeover of one of the most famous (typically heteronormative) West End clubs, Chinawhite By Libertine, with UK garage legends The Artful Dodger as headliners, they have since held parties in various epic venues filled with good vibes, music, food, erotic dancers pouring milk or wax over their partially leather-clad bodies (…and free hangover kits filled with exciting treats).

Let Go Soho Wax. Photograph Nina Pennick

These exciting goody bags have included anti-oxidant rich shots by Little Miracles, naturally-flavoured, sugar-free sparkling water by Aqua Libra, fruity snack bars by Gregory’s Tree and Squirrel Sisters, gender neutral fragrance samples by HERBA LONDON and Far Side Cold Brew Coffees – perfect pick-me ups for the morning after.

Occasionally they will throw something different into the mix such as LEZ Have A House Party held at one of Tatler’s top London bars, The Little Blue Door.

These chilled Sunday soirees involve humongous roasts, retro Nintendo 64 battles and pool table shenanigans; alongside their usual crowd-hyping DJ sets.

Lez Have A House Party, The Little Blue Door. Image credit Nina Pennick 

After All – the visually striking, speakeasy-style club for this Friday’s party – LEZsoho is also known on Instagram as AA_Soho, but don’t get confused, this is the very opposite of your typical AA meeting, with (sensible) after-work boozery and a fine variety of tipples on sale all night from a shamelessly glamorous bar.

Lez Have A House Party, DJ Izzy Trixx. Photograph Nina Pennick 

Plush Chesterfield sofas, antiques, bookshelves, iconic paintings of female icons and sexy lighting make this ultra-quirky Victorian-chic venue one to get dressed up for – whatever fabulous outfit that may be.

After All

As usual, early birds will get a limited, free hangover kit featuring all kinds of healthy treats so arrive bright and early to nab one! (…and purchase a cheeky post-work mojito or two, if that’s your bag).

Pre-drinks will be from 8-9.30pm at the venue for lone rangers seeking party buddies or simply relaxed cocktails with friends before the party really kicks off into scandalous debauchery. 

LEZsoho dance! Photograph Nina Pennick

DJs Sizzles, 2Traxx and Kaspa will be hyping up the crowd with their slick selection of tunes and the hottest new queer DJ on the scene – and poster girl for the event – Lots & Lots (Opium, Tape, Mahiki) will be making sure you dance the way your mama never dared teach you!

Expect a booty-shaking set of house and old school UK garage, R&B, trap, hip hop and a few pop bangers thrown in by your fave divas – think back-in-the-day Mads or Britney mixed in with feck loads of Drake.

Satisfying your need for some erotic eye candy, we have one of London’s most eye-pleasing model/dancer/tattoo/fashion shop owners, Arabella Drummond, performing an outrageously X-rated black and red-themed wax dance exclusively on the night…

Glam up, glow up and get ready for a night of endless frivolity. Tickets are expected to sell out so grab them fast or prepare yourself for another night in a sticky-floored venue (lezbehonest).

You won’t want to miss this scandalous, sapphic soiree…

LEZsoho takes place 26 April 2019. Tickets can be purchased online for LEZsoho here or at the door on the night at After All, London, W1F 8SJ. Follow LEZevents on Instagram here.

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