Here’s what you need to know about Manchester Pride’s competition celebrating Alan Turing


Young, LGBTQI, and passionate about writing? Look no further, DIVAs! Manchester Pride’s Superbia programme is inviting young writers to write their own short story in celebration of the work of Alan Turing. Winning entries will be published in the new edition of Time Traveller Danny And The Codebreaker by Paul Morris, telling the story of one man’s (fictional) discovery of the Turing machine, or, as we now know it: the computer. Exciting, no?

Alan Turing is a hugely important historical figure: responsible for the invention of the “Turing Machine”, his efforts to crack the Enigma Code shortened the Second World War by four years, it is estimated. The world is completely indebted to Turing, but sadly, contemporary society judged him rather differently. A gay man, Turing was unjustly punished, subjected to chemical castration. He later committed suicide at the age of 41. It is, therefore, important that Turing is remembered and celebrated as an individual.

Mark Fletcher, CEO at Manchester Pride, writes: “It’s amazing to be able to help fund and support young talent as part of Manchester Pride’s Superbia programme. Alan Turing is such an historical icon for LGBT+ people and it’s great that we help educate and encourage writing students in such a unique way.”

Submissions should be written about either The Death Of Turing, a piece of writing exploring the events which led to his death, or A Letter From Alan, a creative piece written through the eyes of Turing to Christopher, his childhood friend and love.

The deadline for entries is 25 April and the winners will be published in September 2019. What are you waiting for? Get your pen and notepad out!

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