“It’s been a whirlwind crazy mess, but brilliant at the same time”


Jeepers, I have no idea where the time is going. It’s been so long since I have had the opportunity to blog and I’m really missing that chance to have some time out to myself. Trying to squeeze in any me time to an already jam-packed week of work and home life is proving to be difficult. I haven’t even made it to the gym in weeks, but I just can’t seem to find enough hours in the day.

Since I last wrote we have had G turn five, the tiny human turn one and L and I have celebrated our 12 year anniversary!! It’s been a whirlwind crazy mess, but brilliant at the same time.

The tiniest of humans had a snow day party for her birthday and we celebrated by making snow angels with the big girls and eating lots of cake. How can she be one already? Where does that time go? But then I could say that with G. Five!! Five whole years with her in our lives and what a beautiful, kind and caring little girl she has become. She can read now. Aww, my heart is so happy for how much she enjoys learning. At parents evening her teacher filled up when talking about her. So, so proud and emotional for her growing up. G’s celebration was soft play (again) and, as requested by the birthday girl herself, a fire engine birthday cake. I didn’t make this one! Screw that. I’ve learnt my lesson now. Why make it when you can buy it and save me some hours doing something else from the to-do list?

That’s what L and I are about at the moment. Finding ways to make our lives easier. If you have any suggestions, please send them my way. We’ve already started being more organised with meal planning, home delivery for the shopping and L insisted on investing in an ironing person to do the ironing every week, which is a massive help for both of us – especially so I’m not spending hours ironing tiny clothes. It all sounds very boring, but these little changes have rocked my world!!!

We had big plans for our anniversary. We cashed in an overnight stay for our girls that we got for a Christmas present from our friends so we could have a much needed night off. The tiniest one and her horrific sleep pattern – waking up to eight times a night – had got us broken, so for the month leading up to the night off that’s what got me through. Without family nearby who we can offload to every now and again, having friends like this is life-changing. Obviously when you have the rarity of an exciting 36 hours child-free planned, of course there’s going to be a spanner thrown in the works. When I get a picture through at work that week, of what looks like slushy all over our kitchen floor, I immediately know things aren’t going to be as planned. I kept telling myself it could be a drink or some food, but deep down I knew it was vomit. L confirmed this to me with a text: “G puked everywhere. Even on the baby!” Brilliant. So the sickness bug had arrived in the R-M house. The baby was the next casualty (naturally) and then it hit L the day before our anniversary. For some reason it skipped out the crazy mid-kid – probably too scared to go near her. So the plans went out the window and what we did was lie in bed with a boxset and I ate my bodyweight in Revels and Fruit & Nut! And it wasn’t all that bad! I had so much sleep I felt human again. It. Was. The. Best. Plus there’s always next year for our 13th anniversary!

Having a much needed break from the girls regained my focus. I knew it was now we had to tackle the tiny one’s sleep, as we couldn’t continue on like this. (We – as in me, as L doesn’t do night time get-ups but supposedly the children do still disturb her through her ear plugs!) So I was all full of strength, ready to leave her crying in her cot should she disturb me the usual four to eight times a night. Anyway she came home and woke once. Dummy in and back to sleep. And this continued and is still going on. So finally the tiny human is sleeping through. SLEEPING THROUGH. I am having a little celebratory party dance just saying that!!!

This is life-changing. It’s only taken a year, but it was worth it in the end. Obviously I’m not sleeping through yet either, because I’m so used to waking or one of the other girls needing something, but this is a whole different world!

And to add to the extra sleep, the sun has arrived. The days are feeling brighter and longer. Yes, dare I say it, but I think hibernation time is over and it’s now time to get outdoors enjoying the sunshine and begin feeling more energised. I might even make it to the gym to work off all of that winter cake I’ve consumed. I gave up fizzy drinks and chocolate for lent and caved with my chocolate cravings after two days. I’m obviously no quitter!

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